Friday, February 11, 2011

Short Terms Goals and Plans

I have a lot of goals and plans for my life. Only God knows if I will be able to reach them all. I'm studying English as a Second Language because I'm going to study Psychology. To prepare myself in that area I'm taking a psychology course at Stanford just because I want to train myself and see how hard is going to be. Another goal that I would like to accomplish is traveling around the United States to visit some important and beautiful places. In order to get that, I'm saving money every month because I need enough capital to do that. I know it's an ambitious plan. It's going to be hard, but nobody said that life would be easy. It's up to us try to reach our goals even if we fail unless we tried to make them true. It's better endeavor instead of waiting for the opportunity to knocks our door.


  1. My bad! I'm going to correct the last sentence.
    It's better endeavor instead of waiting for the opportunity to knock our door.

  2. No, you're good!(Smile) What wonderful goals you have. Pushing yourself to study psychology as well as to attend class at Stanford and travel across the U.S. will make your already exhuberant spirit that much stronger! Glad I could watch you fly! Jeanne

  3. Thank you Miss Gross for that wonderful comment. My dreams are kind of difficult to reach but I have the willingness, perseverance, energy, and faith in God to make them real. See you on Wednesday!