Monday, February 28, 2011

Who do you admire?

I don’t know if this homework is going to be right or not. The assignment that Ms. Gross gave us was writing a paragraph about somebody we admire. To start, I would say that I don’t have a specific person, but I do admire every individual who struggles with difficulties in his/her life and has strengthens and willingness to stand up and keep going. And when I say difficulties I mean every kind of them; for instance: accidents, death, disability, disease, trauma, abuse, low income, etc. I admire people who were being beaten by others and they have eagerness to try one more time no matter what human beings think and say about them. I have a high regard for those who had lost everything in their lives, and they still have enthusiasm to rebuilt and start all over again. Those people really draw my attention and make me think about myself. Sometimes I complain for little things, but once I know and see the reality of others, I can realize that my problems are not even the half of them. Watching their behavior, I learn to be grateful for what I have and for what have given to me every day. So before complaining about something just be thankful for what we have. Paying attention on how people with real problems know how to get rid of them with a constructive and admirable attitude.

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  1. Pam, this is a great response to the question! I appreciate the broad way you've included those who face major obstacles in their lives. Your inclusivity deepens our understanding. Thanks!